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Fungi of all kinds produce spores in enormous quanti锟絫ies. They have an uncomfortable effect on me. When I visited hospital to have tests to discover the cause of my sometimes tormenting hay fever Guillermo Varela Mundial Camiseta , I was eventually told that I had an allergy to some pollens, but particularly to spores. I went to see my doctor to see if he could give me something one day to alleviate my symptoms. The waiting room overlooked the churchyard like all good country practices; but the surgery overlooked many acres of oak and ash. The doctor then was a bluff countryman looking forward to imminent retirement to spend all his time fishing. He had a reputation for speaking his mind.

Whenever I went to see him he always talked first about the season, the birds, the deer, quizzed me about the doings of the National Park, railed about the damage being done by some land owners, particularly the Forestry Commission, and eventually got round to asking what on earth I was doing in his surgery as I looked as fit as a fiddle and he had quite enough to do caring for sick people. I told him and he shook his head. 'Want a certain cure?' he snapped. 'Yes please,' I told him.

He nodded to the window. 'Get out of your wet woods. Clear off and live in Manchester or Liverpool. 锟絀t was sound advice. What he was saying in his way was.Winter is the season for evening lectures. I can look back at hundreds of talks I have given to schools, youth groups, various clubs, Workers' Education classes, extramural courses, parish meetings, church groups, Rotary, and of course Women's Institutes. The Women's Institute is the best thing that ever happened to country villages in the last century. I cannot remember ever regretting talking to a Women's Institute, but if you get known in the area you can have far too many requests to speak. I once attended a short course on 'public speaking and presenting a lecture'. It was very good and the advice was sound. 'You should attend at the lecture room well in advance of the fixed time,' said the tutor, 'to erect your screen and projector and to try it out.' He wondered why so many of us were smiling at this. If it were only that easy.

You bolt down a meal, throw projector, slides, screen, stand, and notes into your vehicle and go out into the pitch black night, possibly through rain, fog, or snow, for what could be a long drive. You may need to stop once or twice when getting near the village to consult your map and with luck you are in the unlit village looking for the Institute some twenty minutes before your time.

Probably you mistakenly believe that the hall with all the cars parked outside is the Institute . You unload part of your gear, stagger in the rain to the door, then find it is a meeting of the badminton club, or the parochial church council in discussion and you may poke your head round the door at a pregnant moment. However, you find the right spot. You will have been given a time when you might be expected to talk, in which case you usually arrive during the business meeting when they are asking for volunteers to supply pies, cakes, and biscuits for the forthcoming area gathering.

Sometimes you are given the time when the meeting starts, in which case you arrive just before they all stand up to sing 'Jerusalem', accompanied by an outoftune piano, which is preferable to the distorted tones of the gramophone record. Anyhow you certainly have no time to set up long before you start. It is, in fact, dangerous to do so as projectors are expensive and easily knocked over.

Eventually, however, you are introduced and everyone waits expectantly while you erect the screen, stand, and projector in three minutes flat if you are lucky. The screen is an enemy, a familiar monster I have never mastered. In the process of unfolding I usually manage to trap my fingers and have to struggle before the fascinated audience to transform a scream of agony to a mere grimace. Having been stood up and extended, the contraption often bangs down shut with a noise like a rifleshot, to the terror of the more timid who were not watching, or it refuses to extend to its proper height. The folding stand with detachable legs is another hazard never to be erected within earshot of the vicar's wife. The projector is set up, the extension lead is run out and you find that the electric plug is of the round pin type which were never fitted after 1950 and are still now only to be seen in remote village institutes.

I used to carry one of those plugs, which, by the turn of a screw, and a bit of a shake (with your tongue held firmly to the right of your mouth) produced any type of archaic plug pin pattern. I gave it up after it started to produce confused patterns of various combinations, and one embarrassing evening when the result was an interesting display of pyrotechnics which blew all the hall's main fuses. I find it easier now to carry a screwdriver and borrow a plug off the Institute's vacuum cleaner. But it all takes time and the fact that you are being watched is unnerving. At last you switch the projector on; there is a moment of panic until you find that the plug switch is not on. Sometimes the bulb bows instantly because there is something wrong with the vol锟絫age. But that does not deter. Experience has taught me to carry three spares. (On one night two bulbs went in rapid succession.)

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